Technology Transfer


1- How can technology transfer professionals and TTOs benefit from IETTN ?

In many ways:

2- What do you mean by ‘TTOs’ as a target audience for IETTN?

This is a good question because there are many models existing around the concept of “technology transfer office” (TTO) depending on the state or country where you reside. For some research institutions, the TTO is a team of professionnals that are located within the institution (and on its payroll). For other research institutions, the TTO is an external consultant firm that typically does the job for many different research institutions. In some cases, it can be a mix of both models. Also, the name of this office may be different than “TTO”: Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), Industry Liaison and Innovation (ILI) office, Sociétés de Valorisation in Québec, SATT in France, etc.

For the sake of simplicity, IETTN will call a “TTO” any team of profesionnals working in technology transfer activities for the benefit of an established research institution.

3- OK I get it. What are the next steps for me ?

First, you should make sure the TTO that you represent is listed. If not, please register it.

Second, once your TTO is approved by IETTN we will contact you to check if you have any story/news/articles that could fit into IETTN.

Third, you should subscribe to IETTN newsletter. The newsletter is an aggregation of IETTN blog articles and it is published 4 times per year: June-September-December-March. The blog itself is updated every week so it might be a good idea to visit it regularly.

Fourth, you can participate directly to IETTN by commenting blogs that you find interesting. You can do so by login in with your LinkedIn account, no need to setup a special account for the site. That’s a great way to meet and connect with your peers sharing common interests.

4- Here are some stories examples for IETTN that may come from your TTO