1- How can research people benefit from IETTN ?

We think that the ultimate benefit of research is to apply knowledge and inventions for the benefit of humanity (check IEEE tagline). There is no better reward for people in research to see the fruits of years of efforts and creativity being used in everyday world to solve problems, cure diseases and increase overall productivity.

However, the process of getting inventions to real world is complex and hard. Hence, the better the understanding of this process in the early cycle of research, the greater are the chance to have a fit between the output of research and the needs of industry.

IETTN is meant to help research community to learn about the technology transfer process by learning from other researcher’s sharing commercialization successes and learning from others

2- What do you mean by ‘research’ as a target audience for IETTN?

We mean everybody that is related to the progress of knowledge – in a recognized research institution – in the field on industrial electronics that may lead to the development of inventions: university professors, students, research assistants, etc. While hobbyists inventors may have interest in reading IETTN (and we encourage them to subscribe to the newsletter), IETTN won’t publish articles related to their invention, unless it is done in collaboration with a recognized research institution.

3- OK I get it. What are the next steps for me ?

First, you should subscribe to IETTN newsletter. The newsletter is an aggregation of IETTN blog articles and it is published 4 times per year: June-September-December-March. The blog itself is updated every week so it might be a good idea to visit it regularly.

Second, you can participate directly to IETTN by commenting blogs that you find interesting. You can do so by login in with your LinkedIn account, no need to setup a special account for the site. That’s a great way to meet and connect with your peers sharing common interests.

Third, make sure the TTO for the institution that you work for is registered on IETTN (it’s free!). That’s a great way to make sure the communication channels and established between your TTO and IETTN so that we can publish articles about your or your collegues inventions in the future. If it is not, please contact them to make them aware of IETTN (they can register here). Do not fill out the form for them: make sure the TTO people are the one that register on IETTN (we may contact them). If you are not sure who is the TTO in your research institution, please contact us: we will be pleased to help you out.

Fourth, set up a visit with your TTO and check about possible articles that could be published on IETTN from your own research projects (past and current). If you find anything interesting, have your TTO get in touch with us related to possible publications.

4- Here are some stories examples for IETTN that may come from your lab

5- As a researcher, can I send material for publication on IETTN directly ?

No, please talk to your TTO first and then have them to send us material. TTOs are in the best position to judge what is relevant for publication on IETTN or not because they know about your project, your research institution and on the process of techology transfer. Using this model, TTO can the pre-qualify content to be published on IETTN and ultimately increase the quality of the publication.