1- How can industry people benefit from IETTN ?

We think that the ultimate benefit of research is to apply knowledge and inventions for the benefit of humanity (check IEEE tagline). Industry is positionned at the last step of technology transfer by being involved in product development activities meant to solve problems and address important needs in the market. Of course, the key to product development is innovation in order to always bring more value into products and also to be able to differentiate from the competition.

IETTN is a great tool for industry people in identifying new technologies and trends in the market. It can also be beneficial in identifying key researchers and research institutions working on technologies that are strategically aligned with their product development. In this case, industry may then leverage existing technologies and expertise by integrating them in their product (via technology transfer) and save time, costs and risks of development.

2- What do you mean by ‘industry’ as a target audience for IETTN?

This is a good question. Actually we mean:

3- OK I get it. What are the next steps for me ?

First, you should subscribe to IETTN newsletter. The newsletter is an aggregation of IETTN blog articles and it is published 4 times per year: June-September-December-March. The blog itself is updated every week so it might be a good idea to visit it regularly.

Second, you can participate directly to IETTN by commenting blogs that you find interesting. You can do so by login in with your LinkedIn account, no need to setup a special account for the site. That’s a great way to meet and connect with your peers sharing common interests.

Third, set up a visit with your local TTO and have a talk with them on your current projects.  There are great chances you will find common grounds of interest either for current projects or for the future. They will be happy to receive you and to keep in touch with you on any opportunity that may benefit to your firm.

4- Here are some stories examples for IETTN that may come from your firm