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New International Digital Publication on Technology Transfer specialized in Industrial Electronics Technologies and Applications

NEW YORK, N.Y., USA, September 27th, 2016 – The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES) is proud to present its new digital publication, IETTN (Industrial Electronics Technology Transfer News), designed to foster collaboration and technology transfer between research sector and industry.

This unique project was launched on June 6th this year during the International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE 2016) and the IEEE Tech Industry Summit in Santa Clara, California. Two other regional launch events are also planned over the next months in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. IETTN is the first digital publication to provide a showcase for technology transfer organizations (TTO) involved in industrial electronics at the global level.

“Taking an invention to market is a very complex process but when it works it creates amazing benefits for the whole society: the customer gets a better solution to its problem, the firm gets better profitability and can create more jobs, the research institution generates revenues to reinvest in research and ultimately the inventor gets recognized for his ingenuity. However, many opportunities are lost because basic knowledge of the technology transfer process are still unknown or misunderstood by those who are not experts in the field. We therefore launched IETTN to address this problem by providing a space where technology transfer stories and articles are shared to an audience composed of all players in the innovation chain and where people can learn about the experience of others and ultimately achieve more success in commercializing their own industrial electronics technologies”,notes Marc Perron, Editor in Chief of IETTN and senior member of the IEEE.

The project has already gained the interest and approval of renowned American and Canadian TTOs such as the National Security Agency, Georgia Tech, McGill University, Dalhousie University, Université Laval and the Institut national d’optique (INO). European and Asian players have also already registered on the platform.

Promoting Innovation Through Technology Transfer Stemming from Research

The IETTN publication is a major initiative that contributes to the development of a technology transfer ecosystem specific to the industrial electronics sector. It fosters links between research centres and the electronics industry, and will promote startup success stories or new products launched as a result of technology transfer agreements.

IETTN is also an ideal showcase for government and private organizations, and any innovation ecosystem that supports and finances the development of new startup companies.

The IETTN publication is open to all and subscription is FREE:

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