Editorial note: Please find below a recent press release from IRYStec Software announcing a new financing round. IRYStec Software is partner of the following leading research institutions: Rochester Institute of Technology, Bangor University, University of Cambridge, Linkoping University, McGill University, University of Warwick, University of British Columbia and Vienna University of Technology.

Montreal, Canada – August 8, 2016 – IRYStec Software Inc., a leader in perceptual display processing technology, announced today that it has successfully closed Series-A financing with investments from the Purple Angels, BDC Capital and Tandemlaunch. Financing at this time will help support marketing and sales activities including, pursuing mobile device OEM customers to licence IRYStec’s first Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) product.

“We are excited about the huge multi-market potential of IRYStec’s innovative technology. Their Perceptual Display Platform technology is a game changer with solid benefits for consumers in terms of improved viewing experiences on all displays in many applications,” said Larry Lam, Partner BDC Capital Venture Fund. “Our investment aims to bring IRYStec’s first customers to production this year with its first software product release.”

IRYStec’s PDP technology enhances the image quality and viewing experience of all displays by instantly matching both the colour and contrast of the content to the ambient environment of the viewer. The platform will personalize the viewing experience, making content more compelling, by adapting to each viewer’s unique vision, including adjusting the displayed content for age or colour blindness.

“IRYStec’s technology brings significant benefits to device OEMs and consumers by reducing harmful eye strain by as much as 75%, while significantly prolonging display power. Consumers will be able to watch movies on mobile phones or tablets for twice as long while reducing eye strain and the negative health effects of long-term viewing,” stated Simon Morris, CEO of IRYStec.

In early June, IRYStec was also a winner at the Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge held at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley campus. Selected by a panel of venture capital judges, IRYStec was named an overall winner and winner in the Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Category. More than 150 companies from around the world applied to present at the World Cup Tech Challenge; the 25 finalists were from countries such as USA, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, South Africa, France, and Canada.

About IRYStec Software Inc.

Founded in 2015, IRYStec Software Inc. is a pioneer in perceptual display processing technology. IRYStec licenses its patent-pending Perceptual Display Platform (PDP) software to consumer device and automotive OEMs. PDP is the first software only solution that adapts in real time both the colour and contrast of the displayed content to match how the eye sees in dark and bright conditions and personalizes the rendering to account for factors such as age. This significantly improves the viewing experience on all displays improving readability across all ambient light conditions, reducing eye strain and reducing power consumption. Based in Montreal, Canada, IRYStec was a winner of the 2016 Silicon Valley Forum’s World Cup Tech Challenge. For more information, visit www.irystec.com.

Source: Irystec.