Article reused with permission from Ghent University

(28-06-2018) Agidens, a Belgian system integration company specializing in process optimization, has acquired Argus Technologies, which focuses on collecting data and monitoring energy consumption.


Argus Technologies was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of ‘Argus Solar’, a research project of Ghent University on renewable energy, with a focus on monitoring the energy production of windmills and photovoltaic solar installations. In 2014, the Argus team was faced with the collapse of the PV market after the government significantly reduced subsidies for renewable energy. As a result, Argus did not give up and shifted its attention from energy production to energy consumption. The team continued to carry out further research, received valuable input from various use cases, and thus continued to build on the development with which it had started using its PowerMonitor software for renewable energy. The result is EnergyMonitor, a sophisticated and at the same time user-friendly system for energy monitoring that can be used in many industries.
from the start, the Argus platform has been developed to be hardware-neutral and is compatible with as many data sources as possible. The Argus EnergyMonitor is a cloud-based SaaS solution for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, informing and reporting data related to energy consumption.

Automation solutions

Agidens is best known as an expert in the field of optimizing and automating industrial processes. The Argus platform is an ideal complement to those automation solutions. On the basis of the available energy data, very precise protocols for analysis and actions can be drawn up. These protocols create automated warning messages, for example when the energy consumption suddenly rises or when something unusual happens. The reporting can be fully automated and manual analysis is definitely a thing of the past. Customers also get a very accurate insight into the energy consumption of individual processes or production lines and their position in the total process. With its expertise in process optimization and automation, Agidens can then evaluate the results and make optimization proposals.

One-stop-shop for energy management

With the acquisition of Argus Technologies, Agidens is now the one-stop-shop for all possible energy management solutions. Their consultants can offer a first insight thanks to energy audits, advise which improvements are possible to use energy more efficiently and can develop a concept to monitor the energy flows. Agidens can also help with the installation of hardware (eg extra meters, sensors, data loggers, etc.) and can ensure secure connections with existing data sources, such as process control systems. By using energy more efficiently, customers can save money and contribute to a better environment.

SOURCE: Ghent University