OxyNov, a company that, over the course of its development, has benefited from SOVAR support for over four years, has announced that it has concluded a major funding round of $1.5M from private Quebec investors, including Desjardins-Innovatech. This financial assistance will allow OxyNov to commercialize the first generation of the FreeO2 in Europe and to continue innovating by developing in Quebec a complete line of instruments, consumables and services for oxygen therapy needs in hospitals, ambulances and patients’ homes.
It is worth recalling that the FreeO2 is a medical device used in oxygen therapy that automatically controls oxygen titration and patient weaning based on their condition or specific oxygenation needs. FreeO2 represents a key international innovation in oxygen therapy and targets, in the initial stage, pneumology, cardiology, neurology, pediatric and emergency departments in private and public hospitals.

More informations in the Press Release.