Session Co-chairs: Nihal Kularatna and Michael Condry

Industrial Electronics covers a wider area of practical subjects applicable to modern high tech systems and portable products. For example, within the wider field of industrial electronics, a subject like Power Electronics plays a key role modern high tech products and systems, since the industry trends are to increase the overall efficiency in power converters, battery run time and compactness etc.

Another example is Embedded Systems where today’s inexpensive processor subsystems proliferate within the electronics to provide intelligence and digital control. Within the area of industrial electronics, to cater for these trends, there are new circuit topologies and techniques, systems architectures, and novel devices are frequently developed by the researcher community, and, in some occasions with the support of the industrial and commercial partners.

However, only a limited percentage of these new industrial research outputs are ending up in intellectual property (IP) and/or progress into commercialisation. This session is aimed at grouping a selected set of contributions to the conference, highlighting such success stories of IP generation and to show the unique research elements leading not only to publication, but also generating an IP.

Potential papers into this proposed special session will be having the normal characteristics of a research contribution submitted to a peer reviewed conference, but should be additionally indicative of the details of any patents filed, and/or any commercialisation achieved. In the introductory part of the paper there should be a short paragraph on the IP filing and any commercial partnerships to develop the work into a commercial application. However, it is the responsibility of the authors to limit any sensitive legal or commercially sensitive details presented, while giving the clear message on how and why it was having a commercial success and/or IP filing.

First references on the full paper to be submitted for review should indicate any patent details, so that the reviewers are aware of the IP generation.

Subject matter in the paper should be within the principal subjects indicated in the technical tracks and the special sessions of the IEEE-ICIT 2017 conference.

Upon interest, please contact: Nihal Kularatna.