Article reused with permission from INO, Canada’s leading developer of industrial optics and photonics solutions.

QUEBEC CITY, Jan. 23, 2017 – INO is proud to announce the spinning off of FlyScan Systems Inc. by Éric Bergeron, the entrepreneur behind the success story of Optosecurity. Based in Québec City, FlyScan will offer remote detection services to locate oil leaks in underground pipelines.

Leak detection, a major concern
Though pipelines are a very efficient way to transport oil, they can present some environmental risks in the event of failure. For that reason, detecting potential leaks quickly and accurately is crucial to the oil industry. Current detection systems are not sensitive enough to detect small leaks quickly. Moreover, most pipelines are underground which makes the task even more complex.

Using a technology developed at INO, FlyScan will offer quick and accurate leak detection services. The system, mounted on an airborne vehicle (plane, helicopter, even drones in the future), that will fly over a pipeline, will be able to locate leaks (even underground ones), that are currently undetectable by existing technology. This will enable pipeline operators to take swift action and avoid environmental damages.

Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program
FlyScan is INO’s 31st startup business and the second to be created through its Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program. The program, a joint initiative with the City of Quebec, provides entrepreneurs financial and technical support to allow them to start a business that uses INO’s technologies. This initiative gives entrepreneurs a better chance of successfully establishing new businesses derived from optics or photonics research. “The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program allows for a much faster commercialization of INO’s innovations, says Jean-Yves Roy, INO’s President and Chief Executive Office. This program contributes to speeding up wealth and jobs creation in the Québec City area. Over 28 years, INO’s 31 startups have contributed to sustaining the region’s economic development by creating more than 2,000 jobs.”

About INO
INO, Canada’s largest centre of expertise in industrial optics/photonics has created more than 6,000 made-to-order solutions for Quebec and Canadian businesses operating in various sectors of activity. Furthermore, INO has carried out 64 technology transfers and contributed to 31 business start-ups, generating more than 2,000 jobs. INO’s activities are made possible thanks to the ongoing collaboration of the Ministry of Economy, Science and Innovation and Canada Economic Development for Quebec Regions.

About FlyScan Inc.
FlyScan will offer remote detection services to locate oil leaks in pipelines by means of an automated airborne detection system.